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Stationary/Recumbant Bike Interval Training


Do you have a stationary bike at home?  Here’s a great 10-15 minute workout that you can easily fit into your daily routine, or even if it is 3 days a week.  I do this most mornings when I let me dog out in the yard.  You can also do this at the gym for a good warmup.  This gets your heart rate up, offers interval training, doesn’t take all day and doesn’t get boring because you’re changing your resistance every minute. 

Set the resistance at a good midway point, something not too strenuous / not too easy.  I Have 8 settings so I stick mine on 5 to start.


Minute 1 – 5 – Easy pedal to get warmed up.

Minute 2 – 5 – Pedal a little quicker to get your heart rate up.

Minute 3 – 6 – Regular pedal.  Don’t burn your legs out when you increase the resistance. 

Minute 4 – 5 – Quick pedal.

Minute 5 – 7 – Regular pedal.

Minute 6 – 5 – Quick pedal

Minute 7 – 8 – Regular pedal

Minute 8 – 5 – Quick Pedal

Minute 9 – 7 – Regular pedal.

Minute 10 – 5 – Quick pedal.

Minute 11 – 6 – Regular pedal.

Minute 12 – 5 – Quick pedal.

Minute 13 – 5 or no resistance – pedal backwards at an easy pedal





Bike Party, How I Love Thee So


I will preface by stating that I am not a self-proclaimed biker or cyclist by any means or stretch of the imagination…

My friend Carol invited me out this past June to this massive bike ride she was going to participate in, formally Critical Mass and being bored, looking for something to do, I accepted.  Since then, I haven’t looked back as the size, scope and popularity of the ride has grown since its inception.  Even in the midst of winter, the ride holds a surprisingly good turnout of riders not afraid of the chill.  The Baltimore Bike Party reigns as one of my favorite monthly Baltimore activities.

Why do I love the Bike Party?  It’s a great physical activity, great way to view the city, good vibes, and camaraderie.   Instead of sitting in a bar drinking or home folding clothes, dress up in whatever theme the ride has planned, grab a 6 pack, flask or hot cocoa and throw it in your bike basket or back pack, ride a new route through the city every month while listening to some kicking tunes blasting from the stereo trailer, make some friends at the 1 or 2 stops the ride has planned and then end the night dancing.  In addition to their blog, you can also follow the Bike Party on Facebook.

They’ve also just started a Kickstarter page to purchase a newer, bigger, louder and radder music setup to blast through the streets of Baltimore. 

Hamden - 31st Street


Junkyard Dolls DO Dr Sketchy’s


No matter how tough you think you are, it takes balls, ha, to get out in front of a crowd.  When I first started playing roller derby I would get sick to my stomach at the thought of being in front of people.  How are they going to judge me?  Will I make an ass out of myself?  How stupid will I look?  Seems silly, but I have always had a fear of public speaking, walking at my graduation, anything that had to do with people looking at me.  This is not an uncommon fear.

Roller Derby has helped me overcome this fear, slightly.  I am now more confident in many more situations.  I have more confidence in interviews and at work and can stand up and defend myself in public.  I don’t get that nervous before home team games but I still get performance anxiety before really important All Star games or tournaments.

When the Junkyard Dolls, my home team,  planned to pose at Dr Sketchy’s in November, I sucked it up, gathered what little courage and confidence I had and decided to challenge myself to overcome my fear once again.  It wasn’t terrible and I survived, despite wanting to hurl as soon as I stepped on stage.

Dr Sketchy’s Baltimore put together this great video, check it out below:

Beer Chicken Chili Enchiladas


I was looking to make enchiladas, for the first time and came across a recipe that looked pretty good.  Using my beloved pressure cooker, I followed it pretty closely with a few substitutions/changes.

2 TBSP Olive Oil

1 Large Chicken Breast or 2 Small

4 Cloves Garlic

2 TBSP Chili Powder

4 Dried Red Chiles

12oz Beer

1/4 C lime Juice

16 Corn Tortillas

1/2 C Vegetable Oil

6 OZ Cheddar / Pepper Jack Cheese

Set your pressure cooker to saute and add 2 TBSP olive oil.  Add garlic and chicken and cook for about 5 minutes.  Add Red Chiles (emptied of seeds), beer, lime and chili powder, close pressure cooker, set to HIGH Pressure for 18 minutes with quick release.

Pour most (3/4th) of the liquid out into a shallow dish, reserve for later.

Heat vegetable oil in pan.

Heat the oven to 350 F.

Shred the chicken.  Switch pressure cooker to Saute and add 1 can of green chiles until most of the remaining liquid is absorbed.

Set up a plate with a layer of paper towels near the frying pan.  Fry each side of the corn tortilla for a couple of seconds and place on the plate.

Once all the tortillas are fried (not to a crisp), 1 at a time, dip the tortilla in the reserved sauce, place a scoop of chicken and sprinkle cheese inside, roll up and place in pan.  If you are cooking for 2, you can place half of the rolled enchiladas in a freezer bag and freeze for later.  Or, you can cook all of them and have dinner for tomorrow night as well!

Sprinkle the remainder of your cheese on top of the enchiladas in the pan, cover with tinfoil and cook for about 20 minutes.

If you like MORE sauce you can additionally buy a can of enchilada sauce from the store, heat and serve over or in addition.


Welcome to My Blog!



First post here and I figured I’d just let you know what to expect, basically, a little bit of everything that interests me:  photos, roller derby, injury recovery, hiking, traveling, movies, recipes, etc.  Essentially, whatever happens to be on my mind at that moment and I’ll try not to say anything stupid :O. 

Have a laugh at my first attempt at blogging forced upon me from a grad class assignment: