Junkyard Dolls DO Dr Sketchy’s


No matter how tough you think you are, it takes balls, ha, to get out in front of a crowd.  When I first started playing roller derby I would get sick to my stomach at the thought of being in front of people.  How are they going to judge me?  Will I make an ass out of myself?  How stupid will I look?  Seems silly, but I have always had a fear of public speaking, walking at my graduation, anything that had to do with people looking at me.  This is not an uncommon fear.

Roller Derby has helped me overcome this fear, slightly.  I am now more confident in many more situations.  I have more confidence in interviews and at work and can stand up and defend myself in public.  I don’t get that nervous before home team games but I still get performance anxiety before really important All Star games or tournaments.

When the Junkyard Dolls, my home team,  planned to pose at Dr Sketchy’s in November, I sucked it up, gathered what little courage and confidence I had and decided to challenge myself to overcome my fear once again.  It wasn’t terrible and I survived, despite wanting to hurl as soon as I stepped on stage.

Dr Sketchy’s Baltimore put together this great video, check it out below:


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