Good to Go?


If there’s one thing I’ve learned over the years, it’s only YOU truly know your body.  Albeit, sometimes we know we should stop and push it past our limits, other times we fear going close to our max and under-perform.  My doctor finally cleared me for “everything” on January 7th and, I have to admit, I’m pretty skeptical.  For my off skates workouts,I had been lifting a max of 5-10lbs on my injured arm and began to add weight on, 15lbs, and dove back into pushups.  I did ease myself into blocking and boy did the first hit or two that I took in my shoulder HURT.  It’s a constant mental vs physical battle, is this PAIN pain or pain from being sedentary/restricted use in this limb?  I am happy that I tried to stay active when possible and that I got back on skates when I was comfortable and even though I’m skeptical of the return, I tried to face the fear rather than to feed it.

So to sum, the lessons I’ve learned this far:

1.  Listen to your body

2.  Listen to your DR

3.  Stay active when possible

4.  Know your body and ease into things

5.  Don’t feed the fear




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