In Like a Lion


March roared in like a lion for me this year. In addition to being back to my normal routine without any physical restrictions, I also participated in the first 2 interleague games for the Charm City All Stars this season, and my first 2 since August! That’s my first 2 interleague games in over 7 months and boy did I feel the rust!

First off, traveling with a group is NEVER easy. You have to make sure everybody is accounted for, that we have transportation, that we are all fed and that we all have a roof over our heads, and this is all AFTER the initial planning and organizing. The flight was semi stress free. We flew Virgin Airlines out of Dulles, outside of DC and about an hour away from Baltimore. Once we grabbed our bags we headed out to the rental car shuttle and waited and waited….and waited, I started to seat as some people were getting hungry and a little shifty eyed. We had to get out of there soon! After a few calls to the rental car facility and some more waiting, we made it to the rental cars and that was a true test of my mental stability.
rental shuttle

Then, all was right with the world. We got food, arrived at the hotel and counted sheep in preparation for our first bout together for 2013.

Our first interleague bout of 2013 was a further challenge for us since it was on the bank track. Talk about REALLY taking yourself out of your element! My motto, though, is to always challenge yourself and the more you put yourself out of your element, the more you can grow. If you’ve never experienced the Doll House, it’s definitely a site to behold; a city block where the LA Derby dolls practice and bout. It houses a flat track, a bank track, locker rooms, bout viewing footage area, makeup room, officials room. We were defeated by the Dolls who were clearly superior on the bank track.


You can watch the game via the links below:

Part 1:

Part 2:


Sunday afternoon we drove out to the other side of LA to play Angel City in their warehouse. I know I personally felt more pumped and comfortable, ready to play. Once the bout started though, something felt unsettling on the track, perhaps it was how aggressive Angel City came out of the game, how much they wanted this win, or a lack of trust on Charm’s part with each other on the track. We fell in that game as well and loss always hold the taste of sour disappointment but if can also generate the need to shift into the next gear.




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