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Bike Party, How I Love Thee So


I will preface by stating that I am not a self-proclaimed biker or cyclist by any means or stretch of the imagination…

My friend Carol invited me out this past June to this massive bike ride she was going to participate in, formally Critical Mass and being bored, looking for something to do, I accepted.  Since then, I haven’t looked back as the size, scope and popularity of the ride has grown since its inception.  Even in the midst of winter, the ride holds a surprisingly good turnout of riders not afraid of the chill.  The Baltimore Bike Party reigns as one of my favorite monthly Baltimore activities.

Why do I love the Bike Party?  It’s a great physical activity, great way to view the city, good vibes, and camaraderie.   Instead of sitting in a bar drinking or home folding clothes, dress up in whatever theme the ride has planned, grab a 6 pack, flask or hot cocoa and throw it in your bike basket or back pack, ride a new route through the city every month while listening to some kicking tunes blasting from the stereo trailer, make some friends at the 1 or 2 stops the ride has planned and then end the night dancing.  In addition to their blog, you can also follow the Bike Party on Facebook.

They’ve also just started a Kickstarter page to purchase a newer, bigger, louder and radder music setup to blast through the streets of Baltimore. 

Hamden - 31st Street